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Heat Shrink Tubing

There are three types of heat shrink tubing that are used through a variety of tasks in construction, electrics within the home and multiple other uses through engine repair and home building and wiring tasks. Tubing is an essential part of maintaining safe and healthy cords and cannot only be used to bundle the cords together, but can also be used to repair cords that have been spliced or have aged and been exposed to abrasions.

The three types of heat shrink tubing that are available to choose from are; thin wall, thick wall and medium wall tubing. The main difference that can be seen through these three types of tubing includes the level of protection that is used through the three different uses.

Available for purchase in large spools, where a specific amount can be cut from the original amount, depending on how much heat tubing is needed for the specific task, it can be simple to find the lowest price when comparing per meter or per spool. Although often available through building stores – bulk spools often allow for the best option when it comes to this tubing and can save the contractor hundreds of dollars when prices are compared.

Although all three types of tubing are required for various jobs, it is important to realize which the most common type is and therefore choose the majority of this type through the order – that is going to be used for everyday items.

Tubing is often preferred over the other methods of heat sealing, including through the use of tape that can be applied to the wires, as the tape must be wrapped around and around the wires in order to get the desired effect once it has been heat sealed and tubing can be easily placed around the wires to give the same effect, in a fraction of the time. Many people feel that tubing is safer as it can cover the entire wire or cord, while using tape it can be possible to miss an entire section of the wire, leaving the home or electrical item at risk.

Since tubing is the most popular method of heat sealing more and more stores are beginning to offer a wide variety of options created from plastics such as silicone and neoprene and options in varying size to accommodate a wide variety of tasks both in and out of the home and as well as commercial tasks that can require the use of this tubing.